Friday, September 15, 2006

Black Make up and Red Lips.

A brilliant Satire and a bit diffucult to understand if You are not as related as you wish to many of the topics of the movie, I am not saying that I am not related on the discrimination issue ( I haven´t mentioned how I was discriminated recently by some snob people..hahahah..hopefully I will talk about it in some days!!), I am reffering about the chronological and important events that made the afroamerican culture be what it is for instance I never knew of the two athletes raising their fist over the 68, or many of the paraphernalia used to frame the movie. I enjoy a lot the series of slangs used over the movie because many of them were in used in the 1920´s. A great movie from Spike Lee Jones. The only thing I was not that keen was the voice that Damon Wayans decided to used for the neutral character.

According to what Wondy said (thanks! XoXo)

The Trilogy is

"Symphaty for Mr. Vengeance", "Old Boy" and "Symphaty for Mrs. Vengeance". And I watched the last two what it means that I am missing the first one so I need to start my research to find it!

Thank you Wondy!!

Have a great Day! I need to chase that person for the photocopies..Ciao!


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