Saturday, September 02, 2006

Evil´s Dog

I am experimenting with the quality for the Furniture Design I will use in my Monography and I think I will use tight pencil work as If my Monography were a Comic.As you might notice I am trying to keep my pencil work much tighter that in the past and as my friend an inker says "do it to show editors your abilities and thereafter to be confident that the ink would look similar or better to the pencils".
So this is Perrito Aguayo a fighter in my country!

From this week on I will start loading some design art from the office I am working as my Monography.Need to work in the written part by tomorrow.
See you in some days!!

Nice day today I saw many people and friends I even met the parents of glossy lips. She said She would give me a day to go out...but I am keeping my hopes in low- profile. :)


I was getting into the Nostalgia time and after watching a program, I discovered La Familia Telerin was from TVE. I remember so vivid that song when being in my childhood broacasted at 8:00 pm in Channel 5 everynight.
Today I felt as the day My Dad and Mom told me Los Reyes Magos (The Wise Men) didn´t exist... because my parents knew all the time that La Familia Telerin was from Spain and were laughing at me and my naiveness some minutes ago. :)

Wondy you are going to enjoy this link is in spanish but easy to surf... it was linked in Maria´s blog by a nice guy.
I loved the art!!



wondy woman said...

Jesus, you are right, I love the art work - it is right up my street!

Love your pencil work, too - very talented man.

Wondy x

antonio said...

The funny part is that my project Ambar is in that style and mood!!

kisses and thanks for the words!!