Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bread and Circus.

I am still blind :)! But today in the afternoon I will write a long post later on with all my superpowers back and working and my new pair of glasses. I am still a bit sick from my voice but much better.
Thank you to June, Wondy, Heather and Rainy for all the best wishes I hope at night to respond the posts. Last Sunday I went to the Circus with one of my best friends girl, Yes the one who is always going with me to Las Luchas, I have to be honest only one frigging word was on my mind the entire show. CRUELTY!. Maybe I am just old fashioned but I didn´t like the way they were treating animals...I enjoyed more when the actors and actresses were performing. I had a nice time not great, a very nice one considering I am still blind.
See you later, now I am babysitting my nephew!!
Have a great day!!


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Rainypete said...

You probably would have enjoyed the circus that came tou our town. There were very few animals but a plethora of acrobats and the like.