Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Beauty and The Beholder IV.

Hahahahaha!! It is funny but I have been talking about Art recently and today those incredible news about Mona Lisa appear (I am trying to be sarcastic), all the information They were saying today aboud the 3D scanner test on the original only proved what We see in formal Art classes. She was the wife of a merchant, She was called Lisa who had if I am correct 5 children, the existance of the veil is really old news. If you studied Fine Arts you have to be in notice also of the theory of a self-portrait of Leonardo and the incredible mystical words ans symbols on the piece that really exist, even the profile on the hair of Mona lisa of Leonardo is there. Maybe the only two new things were that in the first sketch there is a hat but Leonardo decided not to use it and the other that Scientists believe Lisa was pregnant at the moment of the painting or already given birth of her second child at the time of the portrait. I was thinking about loading the Monalisa but I thought of having fun and share the painting of the greatest publicist ever DALI who painted this portrait of himself on 1954.
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Franco said...
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antonio said...

Franco thanks for writing!! I still do not understand about the part saying that it pays well????, but thanks again for writing here and hoping it is not just spam SEEMS LIKE IT IS BUT I HOPE IS NOT.

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