Sunday, September 03, 2006

A different kind of Work.

My friend the one I usually go out on Sundays just to walk and chat, told me He wanted a design for his new presentation cards as He will start giving classes of Tango, in a goverment forum, so I hope He likes the result, because He will wait a month or more for me to get again another design because I am starting my busy month tomorrow morning. :).
Today I woke up a bit angry, I still do not know why I am moody, maybe is the sore troath I have been suffering for the last couple of Days. Today my nephew returns home..Yay!!
Have a great Day!



AnnaRaven said...

He'll love it for sure, Jesus!

antonio said...

hahah sort of...I will tell the story about it..I have to make some mild changes but not so big ones...hopefully by the end of the month I will load the final product.
Missing you tons Bonita!!