Saturday, September 30, 2006

Murder The Only Way I Conceived.

Today was amazingly incredible for many reasons, well I am still broke till Wednesday that I will receive my payments but this day for strange reasons was really AWESOME!.
I woke really early to prepare my breakfast and to get ready for my classes on Saturday (Yes, I also work on Saturdays!!!). My four classes are really happy with me and I am happy with them I finish really tired after the classes of English, but I really enjoy them. I Even got 3 girls flirting at me in fact I saw someone that I liked but I am keeping everything in low profile because as you know I am not the kind of guy who gets a crush immediately...I still need to talk to "Glossy lips". Coming back home my Father and My Family prepared a BQ (grilled meat) and I ate incredibly and with 3 beers (2 victorias and one Clara), I was trying to organize my space and the great thing is that I have my best friends over there... (Nik!! open your account there!!!) and also people I always admired and some of them incredible pals and friends, and the others hopefully to call them friends in the short time. It was great to see friends and to know that I have harvested incredible friendships over this short journey called reincarnation!!!.
Tomorrow I am taking my day to draw something I need to give full attention. And on Monday I continue with my Monography!!.
And Tuesday is LUCHAS DAY!!!! Yay!!!


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