Monday, September 25, 2006

Clumsy Moves.

Never happens to you that one day you are just in clumsy mode, well that was the picture of my Day today, for a weird reason I am checking that I am getting really exhausted by the amount of work I have been doing lately to get cash for my comic and art plans, I was trying to check my timings and I spend around 3 hours daily only in taking buses so it is a bit tiresome, so after having this kind of schedule I was really clumsy, I almost fall down over the stairs at home, I arrived 2 minutes late to one of my jobs, nothing to worry but I hate being late because it is a demonstration of disrespect (for me punctuality is a virtue in case you haven´t noticed yet ;) ). Plus I have no credit in my cell phone till Thursday if I get paid on time :) and I got an text message that I could not answered from Glossy Lips.
Good things of today is that I had some nice conversations with two people on my jobs, aside receiving two nice mails one from Aaron and one from Christina, and another bad is that I missed talking to Glossy lips because I finished my class a bit late.
So now I am just going to sleep a bit early to recover energies and to be better. Hopefully on Thursday and over the weekend to advance on my Monography more to speed up the tramits. Other good things I am going to be invited by a girl over this week just to talk, nothing serious at least from my side, let´s call her "Cat eyes" and from what She said to drink, well at least She is because you know I do not drink :), and over the weekend I will start concreting the plans for the official website of mine. Yay!

Have a great day!


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