Thursday, September 14, 2006

¡Viva Mexico Ca..! II

I still do not know If tomorrow will be a posting day, so I am writing in advance what I will do.
Tomorrow morning I need to check some photocopies I ordered to a guy but They were not ready some hours ago so that means tomorrow I need to chase the guy to have my copies back, the copies are going to be in used for the Monography, thanks God my teacher decided that the presentation is next Wednesday, so I have time to work in some design so expect work loaded over the weekend. In the afternoon I have my classes and I am expecting few people to come..Why? Because it is the most important Day in my Country our Independence Day!!.
And for the first time in years I am expecting and hopefully going to The Cry for The Independence (a kind of ritual where the President or Governor screams out loud "Viva Mexico" and "Viva The Independence Heroes" while mentioning all of our Patriotic heroes and a display of fireworks is in every plaza in my country, and as a secret I am planning to eat a lot of tacos and If I can drink (I do not drink but I am in the mood to do so) at least 3 shots of Tequila and some beer!!

!Viva Mexico Cabrones¡ :)

Have a great Day because I will!!


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