Monday, September 04, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XLI.

Jimmy T put this information in his blog ( and as knowing He is talking about our friends I decided to post what Jimmy wrote. If you are in Baltimore´s Con.
Mark McKenna (an amazing artist, friend and person) will be there so don't forget to order Marvel's Excaliber #14 Penciled by Jim Calafiore and Inked by Mark. Always support the good guys.Here is a sneak peek at a great Cover.Mark The Best to you over the Con. And guys order your copy.

Here Is a cover Image of Daniel Best's Jim Mooney Book. Buy the book Daniel is a great person and also a friend. Order your copy!!!!

The great pal Diego Cara is letting me know He has updated the website, (link in Spanish)

JCP (holas amigo!!) is linking the space of my friend and collector Jeremy A. Enjoy the visit!!!.

Have a great Day!!


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