Friday, September 22, 2006

Love for Dummies: About to Fall on that Cliff Again.

I need help here boys and girls, I still do not get the whole picture.
Recapitulation: Yes, There is this Glossy lips girl who I am really liking everytime I know her better, The wrong part is that a friend of hers wanted something else than a simple friendship with me and me NOT, and as you know at that time I didn´t know they were friends so one told about me to the other one, the odd part is that both thought I was playing with them,when as you know the other friend (yes, the one of the multiple text messages over my phone that creeped the shit out of me!) was out of my sight since ages in fact We NEVER, NEVER even have a conversation face to face or have physical contact, and to my bad luck both girls were in the same class I was giving on that time.
On Wednesday Glossy lips sent me a text message asking me If I was well, because She didn´t see me over that week and We have to remember I attended the Workshop class of Architecture to get my final grade so I didn´t arrived to my job that day. I replied to her that I was okey and that I would look for her after her classes just to talk.
Today, I finished my class, btw my pupils the ones that didn´t have class with me on Wednesday told me that They really missed me and asked me not to be absent ever again..gosh! it really make me feel really happy.
Returning to the story, I finished my class and I headed to the main door, to my surprise one of the electrical power plants nearby was having a problem and from I heard about to explode so the place was closed with patrols around, well I saw Glossy lips at the distance and I was just behind her when I said hello She turned and shouted in happiness and hugged ME, We headed to the bus stop that was near the place of the problem so that meant that the buses were not passing at proper time or following the regular route, thing that help me to start listening to her and the incredible time She is having in her new school where She is now studying nutrition. I asked her out and She told that till next week She could and I asked her when, she told me She would let me know.
We missed several routes for not making the stop signal at proper time, so I convinced her to get into my bus and when We were there She continued talking about her daily schedule and activities on that school, Did I say She paid the ticket for the transport?...well....and I was just listening to her, for a weird reason I have noticed She thinks at times that when I am smiling at her is because I am mocking at to what She says BUT NO I just smile at her because I am really happy for the good things happening to her.
I really like her but.... this is part of my question while She was talking to me on the bus I was at the same time thinking If it is the right thing to ask her again If She wants to date me, I kind of hesitated to ask her out today specially because I do not want to interfere in the good things that are happening around her. She is younger than I and sometimes when that happens I do not want to be a burden to bear because as you know I am in another moment and many of the things She is experiencing I´ve been there and done that..can you get my idea?.

Have a great Day!!



wondy woman said...

Ah Jesus Antonio I know what you mean, Rocker and I have five years between us and he has done many things I haven't and ditto the other way around, but you can still learn from one another.
Glossy Lips can learn from your experience and you can allow yourself to be carried away by her enthusiasm for life.

Age really is just a number, if you both want similiar things out of the future then I don't see a problem for you.

I really hope she appreciates you, this one, or else I'm going to want to come over there and shake some sense into her.

Following this with baited breath,

Wondy x

antonio said...

I will tell you any advance on the situation and thanks for always being here beside me!!!