Sunday, September 24, 2006

Metalic Love and Iron Murders.

Yesterday I watched 3 movies and 2 out of 3 really good to mention, the first was ACACIA released on 2003 by Tartan films as usual, I have to comment that horror movies specially from Tartan Films or Korea are really slow at the beginning to have the last 20 or 25 final minutes to unveil all the plot. This is a good movie to watch, not really spooky but good enough to make my day!
And to be honest for the first time I do not know what to say about a movie, specially talking about this CRAZY Masterpiece that in many reviews and places is taken as a damn bad movie, the problem with the movie is that at least you have to be a little familiar to some of the topics used in this cyber punk film, full of Mecha (Mechanics), demons, sexual aberrations and gore material. It is not for all the tastes but if you enjoyed Urotsukidoji or Akira this is a must to watch. If you are easily impressed just be away from this movie do not even dare to watch it, the usage of Black and White is great specially all the visual camera angles taken on the movie. Taking in consideration that TETSUO was done over 1988 by TSUKAMOTO Shinya and with the help of the Studio Kaijyu it is a great film resource or even comic resource. Just remember I have a weird taste for movies so I am warning you that this movies is not for all the tastes!

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