Thursday, September 21, 2006

This Little Box Has Caught My Soul.

I am still tired from things I was doing over the days, but it seems everything is going steady and damnly fine. I bought my first digital camera ever so expect some images soon, now I have a booklet to study and my first try outs, so probably there would be some photos of my nephew.
Tomorrow I have an important meeting well in fact is not a meeting I will try to look for a person I need to talk about 3 things, as soon as I get something concrete I will talk about it, just wish me luck because if I convince this guy seems I will start moving myself into a cultural forum that will be great to display my work in my own country. So wish me luck again!.
Also I will talk to Glossy lips about going out and well I am expecting just a lack of money over the weekend (because of the camera :) ) but very happy taking photos. :).

Have a damn fine Day!!


Update: Look who has a blog!!!. Just an inspirational artist and one of a kind.

And stealing to heal... Check the preview of 300 by Frank Miller coming on 2007.

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Heather said...

Oh I cannot wait for the 300 to come out! It should be fabulous!

How exciting to have a digital camera! They are absolutely addictive and now you will do nothing but take pictures of everything you see! Make sure to post some here for us!