Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beautiful Guardians Around Me.

Maybe you are wondering how it was my presentation of the last day of the Workshop, well I can only say it was SPLENDID!. Bring the drinks to celebrate, in fact it was a nice day. First things first.
Yesterday I went to Las Luchas and it was fun I have to be honest I was a bit blue because I was feeling lonely maybe because last week I was stood up by a dumb girl, but I hope to overcome it soon, well next Friday I need to talk to one person in the Arena to propose him something and asking for some stuff I need at the same time.
Today I had a day free (not paid but free to attend the Workshop, my presentation went as smooth as possible and it took me 40 minutes to explain the 30% that I have from my Monography, so now My teacher will report my grade and I am only waiting for 6 checks in into my Monography get a permit to start the paper work and have a Conference of 30 minutes ( a piece of cake) of my Monography so I am almost, almost done to get my Bachelors!!!.
I am asking "Glossy lips" out on Friday so wish me luck, for a weird reason I have been thinking about a nice girl I know lets call her "Lovely frickles", in case I continue thinking about this girl I will talk about more but not having big expectations as usual.



UPDATE: The Amazing Green Man (Charles Vess) has a blog!!!!


wondy woman said...

The girl who stood you up is crazy and it's her loss, certainly not yours. Also, good luck with Glossy Lips! I can't wait to find out how it goes!

Love as always,

Wondy x

The Old Lady said...

Good luck with your new crushes Jesus Antonio.Also,well done on your presentation.

antonio said...

Well not really new crushes, that is was what I was talking to you, Wondy and some people. I do not really consider them as crushes because now for me is quite dificult to open my feelings and I am just talking in terms of what I like from them. Glossy lips is the girl that I like from that stupid dumb situation with Psyco girl "the girl who was text messaging me a lot that freaked me out and happened to be the friend of Glossy lips", the other is a very nice girl that I see at least 3 times a week but never even flirt or anything.
Great day to you both!!
And thanks Wondy and June for every line written.