Friday, September 29, 2006

A Symphony of Despair.

Today was a fine day in fact it was kind of hilarious, first I haven´t received my checks yet, They told me that probably till Wednesday I will receive just a part of the total, so I have no plans this weekend because of the lack of money, so I am planning to watch again Metropolis from Fritz Lang and Nosferatu from W. Murnau.Yay!!!
Thanks to the people who have sent me some mails regarding the proposals I am having this whole month to receive more, and the funny part is that I have some surprises but I can not and I will not talk about them yet till everything has thumbs up and approvals. I am taking this weekend to draw something fast for a project in hands and also I will start sending the teaser poster of Rocket Girl the first days of the week!.
I am now working in the idea of the political cartoon.

Have a great day!



wondy woman said...

Both fabulous movies, Jesus Antonio - what great taste you have!

antonio said...

hahahah and in my country I am called weird!! hahahahah!!