Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That Abandoned Contest.

Los Abandoned have started a Contest to design the Cover of their album called Mixtape and well, I really like the guys a lot because they are nice fellas so I decided to have my own take on the Contest and this is my piece.PLEASE GUYS VOTE FOR ME!!! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE FOR ME.!!!!

I really want to design this cover and the interior design.

What I really wanted to do is to respect the color pallete The good guys of the Abandoned have on their website and at the same time to play with the tapes trying to say that " WE ARE OUR OWN MUSIC TRACK AND DEPEND ON US WHAT MUSIC WE WANT TO LISTEN FROM OUR OWN HEART, I think that with this concept the process came so easy!!!!!

Have a great Day!!


1 comment:

wondy woman said...

Not just saying this, your is the best and most original. I love it.

I've voted! You're my design hero.