Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where Do Dead People go...??

Guys!!!! (Specially you Nik!!!! :) ). I had the time to buy the new CD of Kinky "Reina" and it rocks a lot!!!!!!!
It is maybe the best They have done in terms of the mastery in the skills (probably in the soul the keep the same kind consistency on the stories) and in a good way They wisely oriented the CD for the english speaker and european speaker. The only tiny thing that They have to be cautious is not to fall in the Santana´s tune in the next CD, I wish they could use more of the norteña music they are used to use in their music.They were so smart to have some songs that If you are a fan of groups like Block Party this Cd will be of you taste!!!
Amazing songs like Monday Killer or A donde van los Muertos. This is a fucking rocking CD to dance!!!!!
These guys and Zoe probably form the Royalty of Mexican rock music without doubts!!!.
Get the music now !!!!

Have a great day!!!

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