Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love for Dummies:Il Bacio Sulla Bocca.

Thanks June for the advice...
First Text message (mine):
The one who needs to apologize is me, because I have been trying really hard to have a word with you and it seems that will never happen so I just wanted to see you to let you know that:

1.-I think you are an incredible person and I enjoy your company a lot.
2.-I haven´t been able to take you out from my head and from my tiny heart.
3.-I only wanted to tell you that and I am not expecting anything from it. Be good and Take care!

Second Text Message (hers):
"Thank you so much for what you say, in fact you are such a great guy, *tqm, sorry for not feeling the same way or give what you want from me but you know that you can rely on me and our friendships is there anytime. tqm."

*tqm, it is hard to explain in English because the translation is like "I love you" but it reality the proper translation is "I like you", If you are italian you might understand tqm is the same as "Ti voglio bene".

Nuff said!
ps:Funny, She thinks I am interested in the friendship and to be honest I am not really fond of going that way...or able to go that way...!

Have a great day!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Well not what we hoped for,but at least now you know.If your not interested in just being friends then stay away.Her loss i say.