Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Luchas Night.

Last night I went to Las Luchas and I bought this mask of El Canek (the last one in several months to come, In case you ask me why El Canek, simple I love the Mayan design of a Skull that is portrayed on it) and I got an authograph of Blue Demon Jr :) , so it was a very good night, I normally go with a friend of mine but She had a Family Reunion so the person who came with me was my Dad, This time We were first row and inches away from the Rudos Corner and saw a Tope Mortal that Santo did exactly in front of where We were. Enjoy the sequence that I liked the most!(below)
I have my first class of the year (I am still a bit mixed up because I was expecting more hours in my schedule, but I will try not to care and If I am moderate with my expenses I will be a little more for a couple of months hoping the plans I have concrete soon!)

Have a great Day!!
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Great pics