Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ether and Silver Plates.

I have this afternoon for me and I am going to watch the following movies.
"Shutter" and "APT aka The Apartment" so as soon as I have watched them I hope to recommend them or not.
I already watched the first part of Shutter and I have to say that the plot is a little different as the others I have watched and as I know when I watch Korean Horror, I know that the best parts are in the last 20 minutes of the film.
I went to buy my graphic tablet today but it seems the guy who attended me (not the owner) was a little dumb and careless, He told me He would call me when the tablet is there to go for it, I got a little mad with the service of the guy but I need to work on my tolerance. :)
I am sending a mail to a wrestler today with a proposal, I hope He gets interested, nothing else to comment...ahhh well I received a call from my regular job telling me that I need to be this Friday as usual helping them, and my pleasure to do so!.
Nothing further to say so...
Have a great day!!

Do you remember La Union and Hombre Lobo en Paris?
or Mano Negra and Mala Vida?
or Miguel Bose and Amante Bandido?
This is the music I listened over my childhood...!!

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