Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ohhhh My God!!! My eyes and My head.

Ohhhh My God!! I am really sick in fact I was almost all day long on my bed with a terrible headache and the cold.
I was supposed to do many things today and I did ziltch, nada, zero.
I was about to talk to my advisor and teacher about my Monography (He sent us a message that We have reached the available time to start the paperwork and I haven´t done anything yet, so tomorrow I will ask him the best option: To start tramitting the paper work with the advance I have or to ask for an extend on my paper. He says We have to get done by March with everything, scary indeed). We were also talking in trying to have a kind of business but as I was sick today We just couldn´t do the talking besides a logo He and I will work for a contest.
I was also in need to get done with these pages to show to many people around as a proposal to a person but also as new paneled and sequential work to show. I have the idea for the Cover and I have the first three layouted pages and one in works, so hopefully over the weekend to have this done to start rolling some balls, and devote myself to the work of Nik, Dan, David and Victor (not in that order :) so do not worry).
My head is about to explode so see you When I feel better!!

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