Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Love can Do.

Khon len khong (2004) is one of the wickest movies I have ever seen, it has everything but the gem of the movie is not all the gory stuff from the movie itself it really goes beyond, the plot and the twists on it are just perfect. If you can watch it, DO IT and you will find this as a wicked love story told!!!, in fact I watched the part number 2 of the series and I hope to watch the others when possible (I mean availability is almost zero in my country for the distribution of these movies so I normally ask friends to chase these movies for me), please stay away from a movie called INFECTION a japanese movie that it is jus BAD,BAD, BAD (no plot and a lame ending).
Shutter is an incredible movie that I finished to watch yesterday with my friend, The story is quite solid and the ending is a little predictible but in fact IT IS A GREAT MOVIE to watch!!!
Have a great Day!!


Fabrizio said...

Ciao! I think I will give a look at the movies. In Italy movies from far east are well distributed and often dubled.

Maybe because of the manga mania that hitted us many years ago!

Anyway, speaking 'bout horrors, I'm always afreid to find a clone of "Ringu" or "the Ring".
The ghost/monster/zombie is always a ghost/monster/zombie child!
C'mon, let's do something new!



antonio said...

My recommendation is to look for North Korean horror movies...those are incredible!!


The Old Lady said...

Those look like some films i would like