Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I predict a Riot.

Some news before getting into the topics:

Dan: I already recieved the idea for the Cover (it rocks!!) I am starting today night with it!!
David Braña: I am sending the images to the colorist in two days, so stay tuned you and Toño :) to see the images here in the blog and sent your way.
Victor I will probably load 3 more pages over next week as soon as I have a dead time.
Nik I am receiving the masks next Tuesday and I will probably send you the next teaser by Saturday or Sunday.
Wondy: I hope you are done with the book I want to see your thoughts about it!!
I will work on a piece for a friend over the days!!

Sergio Bleda my friend has an incredible advance on the second part of his graphic novel "La Conjura de Cada Miércoles"over his blog you will be amazed of the inking and watercoloring skills He owns :).
About Sergio If you live near the area of Valencia go and visit him next Feb 1st in the FNAC (C/San Agustin) talking about "Comics from Valencia" more info on his blog.

I was bored while checking my mails and I was playing lousily with Photoshop and a photo I took myself with my nephew (Yes!! He is again home :) ).
I bought my ticktes for the Luchas and this time was a real pain in the ass, in fact It was a Calvary to get them, let me put it this way for the first time there was about to be a quarrel on the tickets line and a fight, sadly I couldn´t get more tickets as I was expecting but I got mine and two more.

I am sending some mails I owe so take care all of you.

In the happy note:

I forgot to mention some months ago that a funny thing happened in the public school were I work. Once a very hyperactive and mischevous little boy (who sadly didn´t continue the course) was participating incredibly well, answering and structuring good examples and after the class I congratulated him asking him why He was behaving so good...He just told me..."It is because I am sick..When I am sick I behave properly!!...Can you believe it!! :).

Have a nice Day!!


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