Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Something Different and Similar.

Nik this post is for you!!
Well Yesterday was an amazing day but I will not say anything till later night when I have more time to write.
I just wanted to show something different I did and in fact the first experiment, you know that The great amigo Nik Havert and I have the comic Luchador! in works probably before half the year to start selling the comic nearby you are.
Well I asked a nice guy who sells masks to make this mask for me... in fact two masks, one for me and the other for Nik, so We can have something to wear when We attend Conventions together promoting the Comic.It won´t be a professional mask because are really expensive but I got him to make them of lycra.
So I am loading the image that the mask maker required to work and enjoy, please also enjoy last post where I loaded the sequentials I have been working all past weeks.
So Nik in about 20 days I will have news on our own masks of Luchador! !!! :)

I am starting the plans for the Thesis I need to finish and my deadline is Feb 6 or 7 so I will continue working in the work I have with my friends writers aside my studies, and I am starting another proposal of sequential pages (The Secret proposal yes, The proposal Dan and I have in works and They need cover and 5 sequentials, I will probably only load the dummy of the Cover because I am not allowed to show the sequentials till there is an approval or something clear...sorry guys).

Have a great day and see you later if possible!!


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