Friday, January 19, 2007

Ohhhh My God!!! My Sore Eyes and My Exploding Head.

This is another advance of the pages I am working on...I hope this is the last sneak peek before I load the pages here over next Wednesday.
I am having a blast shadowing the work (long time I didn´t shadow or lined my work as I am doing with these pieces).
I still do not know why but I prefer to work many pages at the same time (mostly 5 at the same time), seems following that system I protect myself of inconsistencies on the storytelling or in the likeness of the characters...seems to work for me but for some friends is a pain in the ass because they never get a grip of what is going to be the work at the end.
I always panel the situation I am going to draw and when I write it, for example this case, I sometimes twist the pages a little and add more panels...and add more and more...and add more and more.
I am still sick big time and I am having those sore eyes and that leaking nose!!

Have a great Weekend!

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