Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Man of No Answers.

Wondy thank you so much for the words about it...I am loading the inking of the piece!!
Please guys promote this Contest and help me win!!!!!

On other matters it seems I am becoming a bit sour and a cold hearted guy, My Mom is now off town to visit her doctor, it seems today She lost part of the sensibility on her legs (And because of that She was hardly walking) and We only hope that it was just a matter of crossing drugs and not neurological, I mean I feel bad for Mom, She is a well spirited girlie girl with no tools for life (I am talking about the karmatic and darmatic aspect in case you are in my same vibe), She is awesome and it is a bit sad to see a little child like her scared, I see the process of sickness and Death as a normal path and I mean Mom was expecting me to show my worries but I am more like a literal and practical guy who worries but in his own way.I mean it really hurts but I am trying to have solutions rather than you understand what I mean?
That is probably something related to what I was talking some weeks ago with Dan, He absolutely understands what I mean, I guess I also talk to some professional comic authors over the years about fears (losing a hand or being sick of something terminal and the expectations of life and the way to perpetuate you own art and skills). In my case at this period of my life I am not worried to die or getting sick I mean I know I can battle and battle hard, because I am really stubborn, happy and steady in my own way of thinking, I wish I could start getting that economical stability I am really pursuing so I can fix in my possibilities things like the ones happening to Mom (I know I am really near it is just a matter of just waiting to harvest). Dad is really concerned right now, well it is part of life...isn´t it?.
I am trying to focus on the work I have (Thesis, daily job and comic work) to help Family in the possible means...that is my way to give a solution.
And please I am not trying to make people feel bad or pity for me and Mom about the situation, I am just telling you what is going on and I am really grateful you are taking your time and read this I appreciate it a lot....!!!

Have a great day!!

Keep Mom on your prayers!!!


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