Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Soul on Dead Matter.

As some of you might know my favorite ever book is The perfume written by Patrick Suskind and when I first heard of the movie I was really terrified, mainly for the memories you have when you are young when reading this book (I read it when I was in junior high school) that really got me some pointers on life, and I guess my fond for red head girls is also part of this book :). The book is an incredible journey to the olfatory world, We at times miss and it is a reminder of taking the best on the little things We do not appreciate. The story of a selfish assassin that The only thing that envies is what He can not possess (The odor He would never have) and how that tiny thing makes him be nothing or everything in the eyes of the beholder in this case the nose of the beholder.The Odor Collector that indeed transformed the way horror writing was handled after.
Well this movie will BECOME A MASTERPIECE, specially for the one who never had the time to read the book, If you haven´t read the book yet I am pretty sure this movie will become your favorite ever. I am amazed that the director of "Run Lola Run", really had the time to beautifully work on this movie, He respected the soul of the book and his way of telling the story tru the hour and a half is AMAZING!!!!!.I was really glad that He captured (not totally) the filthy ambience and rotten state of that period.
I was not dissapointed of this film, it is a great homage to the book and I encourage people to watch it!!!!!.
BUT if you can please read the book first you will notice the nuances that makes the book MY FAVORITE EVER!!
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wondy woman said...

I'm reading it as we speak and then I will see the film!