Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Glory Box.

Yesterday was maybe one of the best days of my life and not only because of the Luchas Night I had.
I enjoyed the show a lot I even have to thank one of the organizers over next week because I truly enjoyed the event a lot and at the same time I will send him a project I have in hands for him and his crew. Well in the morning and noon everything was perfect I was working in the last details of the pages I send to Blue Demon Jr. and I even had time to design the cover (the one in blue) using his own mask.
About the Luchas as I said I ordered the mask to that mask maker, I had the time to have some good photos of the show, some indeed nicely posed for me (Amapola, hahaha poor her probably She thinks I am a stocker because everytime She is in my town I try to at least ask her for a photo..hahaha...but in the overall She is nice with me and Satanico), I took a photo with Blue Demon and He behaved so nicely with me, agree to sign a magazine I had with his Portrait and well I hope He had the time to check the proposal, and from I was told another wrestler got interested in my work so only time will tell.
Have a great day!!
Probably If I can I will load a Cover for a CD that I want to send as part of a contest.
And I hope over the month to have news and advances in the Poster I am working with KILLOLA the amazing rock band who trusts me to design it!!!
Take care all of you!!

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