Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Spite Shortage.

June I was checking about the posting stuff, and I set the mode of not accepting anonymous comments since long time ago, mainly to prevent some things in the future from some people, you can still update your old blog page and with that to start posting again or get a new one, I hope it is a bit helpful.
I hope you can understand this, btw I miss your writing here.
Let me start with the recommendations and a petition to the guys, I want to get some movies of Buster Keaton that I want to see, If someone can help me get those and one example is SPITE MARRIAGE done in 1928, I saw a beautiful escene of Buster trying to get his wife on the bed and it is really delightful.
I can work a comission or We can agree on how to compensate the effort to help me!

SHERLOCK JR is another one of my recommendations about Buster Keaton, go and watch it!!

I was amazingly surprised to see the first part of DAYDREAMS done in 1920, I still need to see the ending and I hope I can get also this movie aside the ones that He filmed with Fatty Arkbuckle and one example of the great movies done by the duo is MOONSHINE done in 1918.
About regular life...Well I was informed that I will not get my regular set of hours in fact I will receive less hours so that means again an economical shortage in my end and my expenses, so I guess no graphic tablet for me not at least for 4 months or some stuff I was planning to buy (thankfully I have the money for my official website but I need to start working on that in some weeks more), so I am depending on concreting some projects I have in the Comic Field and hopefully If there are some concrete plans soon I will be able to make ends meet regarding my Teaching.
I am not happy but I guess it is a sign because now I have free time to devote to my Monography so well that is the only good thing of that.
Have a great day!!

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