Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Translating or getting lost in the intend.

I am a little sick because I caught cold but I hope to be better in a couple of days!!

Comic work:
Nik I already read the review of RG2 and I only can say that I really respect his opinion and I take the things to help me improve, just that! oooohhhh I forgot to mention in our email, in fact there are a couple of pages that I was never satisfied myself so it could be a great idea to re-visit it and improve the things He kindly mentioned, and modified the gap mentioned by him :) We will talk later about it!!! :). (Guys stay tuned with the work of RG3 because the improvements that I hear are coming ahead from the story and the art that are massively huge!!!)
Dan thank you so much for the call I really appreciate it and just excuse my mistakes while talking :)(guys stay tuned because I need to work on many sequentials over this month and some of those are some samples that Dan and I are working for an approval -a cover and 4 or 5 sequential pages-).
I am still working in some sequential samples to show to some friends so they can help me and also as part of a project I will propose to a nice mexican Wrestler, stay tuned because new artwork is coming in the following days!!).
I already finished the 50 % of the pencil work on the characters of Evil War and I hope to advance something over the weekend on the work of Victor Alos.
Dadicus thanks a lot for the comments on his inking, I agree to what you say!!

Personal Life:
I took a decision about my job today and I had a nice coffee with someone yesterday, so I can not complain.
I got tickets for Las Luchas so I am eager to see a match that is Mask vs Mask!! Yay!!!!

Now...I feel numb so I am going to sleep!!!


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