Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Love for Dummies. The Iceland.

Thanks June for the wish I also wish you the same and seven times more!!
Urban Butterfly thank you so much for the advice and thanks for your words about my blog!
Yesterday I was talking to one of my best friends male (Yeaph! The one who dances and teaches tango), and well He was telling me that at last He was feeling great because now He has two nice options to select for his new significant other.
I am really happy for him and this time He was doing all the conversation and I was only talking at times just to tell him how happy I was for him knowing He is trying to be steady with someone.
In my case this is the first year I have no idea what it is going to happen and I have to say I am a little sour with the year that passed (in terms of my tiny heart) and to be honest I do not even have the illusion to find someone not for now, I mean I guess from what you have read I will be really busy as soon as I start with Rocket Girl plus the projects I have around and also the proposal that is still in approval that I am sure it will have thumbs up soon, So this is the first year I will stop caring that much about finding someone, I have to admit that sometimes it is really painful to see the Harvesting of my work and not having someone to share this aside my Family (I hope you can understand this).
Funny but yesterday while talking to my friend I was really feeling that void of emptiness, I mean this is the first time in many months I do not really have a new person to start building castles or really fancing to the point to start loving or caring (Well I know Who I like and who I loved now but it is pointless to keep focusing on that anylonger) so I am trying to start clean the year.
As my friend told me probably next week, or in a month or months, I will bump into the right one, I am not closing myself I have to add, it is more like I am going to stop worrying about it, some people are just cruel or careless and for the first time I do not want to lose my time caring about it.
Just Time will tell!!!

Have a great day!!!


Post Scriptum. Heather sorry for stealing one of your damn fine images!!

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