Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ta´ Cabron.

Not too much to say...really....!
Well probably that I am hugely dissapointed to people in my daily job (loyalty seems nothing for some people) and I am just praying hard that the Comic approvals and projects that I have been working concrete soon.
Seems I love my teaching job but not the enviroment, and I know myself and there is going to be a point where I am going to call the quits (I won´t give up for sure...and I won´t give some people the happiness to see me destroyed so I need to work on my templance and tolerance more).I even got some pounds more mainly because of the innactivity and because I have been a bit blue (but everything changes again next Monday because I am starting my eating regimen and start eating healthy as I usually do).
Mom visited a doctor and They are going to start working on her sickness so this soothes the situation a bit for now...:).
Lovelife...nothing to report...It is the first time that I am not interested in risking my feelings not at least for now.
Comic work I am inking the next teaser for Rocket Girl 3 and drawing some characters of Evil War for David and an editor in Spain and I will work on some stuff to show to friends, editors,companies and future contractors and partners to start moving my work so I can start giving priorities in my jobs and my personal life.

Have a great Weekend!

ps:I am calling my advisor and teacher tomorrow to see what I need to do to speed up everything from my school and Next Monday I will start my paper work for my thesis and also on Tuesday and Thursday I will start being busy with my Thesis-Monography.
Wish me luck!!


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