Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Love for Dummies: Steady Not.

I am dissapointed about the things going on my job, but I will talk about it in another post, it seems I am having this feeling of not being valued enough, I really hope to be wrong. For the first time in months I do really hope the comic plans I have concrete soon, I am confident on that..well..let´s start the topic.

Never happens to you that You keep doing dumb things...well I was playing with the odds for the last time and I guess everything is just going to crapolla land.
I do really like Glossy lips (You know that :) ), and I still don´t know why (well I know but it is weird because I do not want to justify myself), I really wanted to take the feelings I have for her out of my chest but for more that I try the worse the thing becomes, so I hope this is the definitive closure.
Did I tell you guys that Glossy lips kept on sending me those wishing well mails over X-mas and New Year?.
Me stupid sent her a text message telling her to call me on Sunday to agree on going out (yeaph, third is the charm as people say, I know please scold at me I deserve it!!),She asked If I was okey (seems I have given her the impression that I am over a big emotional turmoil, probably yes, but I do not really care as I used to If you know what I mean), She call me on Sunday and I asked her what plans She had for Tuesday from 8pm to 12pm (yeaph!, yesterday night), She asked me Where I was to invite her this time, so I replied that it was a secret (in fact I had an extra ticket for the Luchas but I never told her I wanted her to be with me yesterday night), then She told me She would check on her timings and duties and She would let me know asap, Well, When She said that I thought negatively and I was right,She Sent me a text message letting me know that for her was a little complicated to go out over the week because of her school and not wanting to sleep late etc.., I sent her a mail telling her that it was okey but it was bad that I had some tickets but it wouldn´t be a problem of not being able to go out with me, She started asking for what kind of tickets and that She was so sorry and that She would like to refund the money I paid for the tickets, I answered to her that the issue was not the money and that She had nothing to worry that it was okey (I sold the ticket to a friend, I didn´t tell her that, obviously!)and that it was a secret where I was supposed to invite her.
Today I saw her in the bus while going to the school, and right here is the situation, I was in my school room and She was going straight to the restroom (W.C), When She saw me She went towards me and set her left hand in my chest ( trying to have the usual hand play We do When We see eachother) and asked me to forgive her that She was sorry for not being able to go out with me, I told her that I would talk to her later not there and not at that time (because I was in the middle of my class), She asked me again If I will not forgive her and I told her the same, well I guess She got angry and left to the restroom (I still do not understand girls sometimes it seems you need to keep playing the same games they play...), after my classes I sent her a text message telling her that I had nothing to forgive that it was nothing to worry about and also told her to take care...She hasn´t sent a response and is probably mad...!
Seems I will bury my feelings about her from now on and I am thinking and thinking in the same idea "When you want to do something you do it", so it seems She does not want but behaves in the opposite direction. Well I tried enough and now I am just giving it up.
Check this link and If you are heart broken read the old episodes of Dumb Love done by an artist called Silas.

Have a great day!!



The Old Lady said...

I could be wrong but it sounds like shes confused by you.She seems to like you by some of her actions.
Why don't you try a more direct text.
I got this text once.
"i think your the most beautiful woman who ever took a breath.It would be such an honour to take you out. i'll be the happiest man ever if you agree"
I'm not saying send that ,but just giving you an idea maybe.
By the way the text did work for him.

DADICUS said...

I say find another woman to invest all of this energy into! When you're talking to a receptive person they will ask you if you'd like to "hang out" or "get coffee" These are low key ways for a girl to ask you on a date! These work both ways use'm on some new girls and you will learn a new state of happyness! (A quarterback has to throw alot of passes if he wants get a reciever in the endzone!)

Truer words have never been spoken!
it's all about a continued effort if thats what you need, because believe me they will take all of your time away from your art if you let them.......

If you find yourself spending to much time on a non-receptive girl, move on save your self respect, your money, and don't let some one else dictate your self worth. This girl doesn't sound interested in you in a relationship way, She like the attention you provide her, thats how most girls work, don't give her the satisfaction of getting it.