Tuesday, November 08, 2005

8 days away.

Well I watched the movie The Red Shoes and it was AWESSOOOMMMMMEEE!!!
If you have the time go and watch it.
I am about 70% of the inking of Fair Blues so hopefully I will finish today all the inking and send the work as soon as possible to Annita.
I am working also in some other pages of Luchador and El Clan!.
I was a bit absent yesterday I was not feeling like posting, in fact I was a bit angry about my fall and also I was like in a grouchy mood. Now I am a bit better in my mood and I am reporting myself. :)
This is a photo of El Chavo del Ocho (The Kid from the apartment Eight) that it is maybe the most important sitcom in my country, (not the best but the most enjoyable, Roberto Gomez Bolaños is the writer and actor and made 3 or 4 generations of happy faces all over Latinoamerica). I still have mixed feelings at him about the swaps He took from Buster Keaton and Stan and Laurel but I think those are homages.
If I finish soon the inking I will post them later on!
I am still with a lot of deadlines from my Residence and Social Service aside my English teaching and my comic work...damn so short of time nowadays..and really tired a bit!!

Great day!!


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