Friday, November 11, 2005

Facing great colors in my Aura.

Gone with the Wind Posted by Picasa

I am going to watch this movie in two weeks just to remember If it is that good as I remember it is.
I will watch this weekend another horror movie called The Face (I still do not know If it is Korean or Japanese) but expect a report soon.
I am in a hurry I just couldn`t reach the people of My Social Service so that means Monday I will be really busy visiting the people from it and from my Residence.
I am continuing with my work with Nik and Victor, and waiting for My buddy Pedro L. Lopez to report himself.
I also need to finish a Comission.
I will pay now some bills (water and taxes again) and I will also try to prepare a kind of raffle here in my hometown I will sell tickets to get some money, I will raffle a pastel portrait of the winner in the raffle (I want to have an surgery probaly my eyes because as you know I am shortsighted, and in case I am not a good candidate for the surgery I will use the money in the broken knuckle I have in my right hand). :)
I will be short of money for 3 weeks because I need pay some expenses and to send freebies and stuff to many people but It will be worthy.
Something else to say....Well not really!!

See you later and have a great time!!


ps:Kino expect a mail over next week and thanks a lot!!
I will also check your blog tomorrow to see the Phillipine superheroes you are doing :)
Great time to you!!


Chip Nelson said...

Greetings from the heart of Dixie!

Nice work kid.


antonio said...

thank you so much Sir!! :)
It is really fun when people call me Kid..thanks Chip and return when you can!