Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yoishi and his Anger.

I have so many many things to say today but I am really short of time so I guess I will update this space tomorow or today late night.
I also need to write a Love for Dummies.
Right now is Chaos home, I am getting involved with my social service and it will be a nightmare in terms of timings considering that I have so much work behind for my Residence and also my comic work, tomorrow I will talk to my teacher that is helping me with the Residence to see If the time-frame can be modified a bit to keep everything tight.
I also have some good news (Nik I need to send you a mail over today or tomorrow something incredible happened and I need to comment that to you because it will concerns us in the long run... I am sure).
Also I am like crazy with my two jobs and trying to find time to draw and keep also my social life running.
Anyway I need some time to rest but I will do it on december if the phase is going in the same direction. :).
I am applying the second exam to my students so I will take that dead time to ink the work of Annita.

HAHAHA I almost forgot to comment the movie.
Ringu seems like one of the best horror franchises I have ever seen, the Second movie done 1999 is really great. You need to see what happens to Yoishi.
Everything is solid this time this movie doesn`t really shows Sadako scaring is more the story of what happens to her in the Ringu over those 30 years of Anger.

Have a great time!!


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Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

i remember this scene, the ring is so good.. :)