Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A fine day!!

To End my day!! Posted by Picasa

I never to post so many times and as you can see I really had a great time!!
The Wrestling was so cool, the first two fights really sucked big time but starting the Third Fight everything became really great.
An exotic wrestler (exotic because He is gay seems the organizers label him in that way) called Maximo took the night. He was really funny.
The Stellar Fight was Dr. Wagner and Mistico Vs Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero.
Dr. Wagner and Mistico were so nice We even took some photos with both of them.
Below is th one taken with Dr. Wagner and hopefully in a couple of days I will load the one with Mistico.

Have a great time and about comic work I have some surprises but I will tell them in some days!


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