Thursday, November 24, 2005

Purple Voids

I guess everybody is busy in their own lives but I just decided to take this day off only to rest, I know I have so many work behind schedule but I really need to take this day for me, I will worry tomorrow about my duties.
So well I bought a tiny box of Cacahuates Japoneses (I guess it only exists in my country this kind of junkfood), the legend (yeah right! legend!) says that this junk food was discovered by an old singer from my country that after not getting more work as a singer decided to open his own company of junk food and this was his best creation, Cacahuate japones is just a mixture of Wheat Flour and Soy Sauce covering the Peanut, and well If you really feel like a conesiur the best way to eat this junkfood is with Lemon juice and Salt with Salsa Valentina (hot sauce).
And devoting myself to answering my mails today, finally!.
So expect some posts over the day and one of "Love for Dummies" while I enjoy my junkfood.

Have a great day!!


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