Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thunders in that circle made of water.

As I promise and knowing I will be really busy tomorrow doing regular life stuff, I decided to write down the post about the way I design sometimes, as you might know I normally place Covers as a gathering of shapes, colors and forms and also as you know I never draw a first raw sketch in fact I do not even draw a semi idea, but I drew more or less the way I was foreseeing the cover this time.
The Cover is a Homage to the great Character done in 1956 If I am correct in Spain. Capitan Trueno (Captain Thunder) and his fellows are Goliath and Crispin.
So here you have the image of the elements I used this time and in the second post I will load the pencils.
In case you asked me yeah it has the character a little vibe from the work of Foster and I have to say that Capitan Trueno has his own story and really rich.

Have a great time and see you later.


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