Tuesday, November 01, 2005

noi eravamo quello che voi siete, e quello che noi siamo voi sarete

The town were I lived is one of the oldest cities from my country in fact it was settled in 1531, just 6 years after La Nueva España (Mexico`s City). As the usual grid in those times my town was divided for a river the poor mexican families and in the other part called La Banda were the richer families being in their majority spaniards or Criollos (sons of the spaniards).
By the way the town were I live means Lugar del Juego de Pelota (The place where the ball game is placed) being a land of Otomies and some Chichimecas.
This story took place in the first square called Plaza de Armas in my town in the times of the Virreinato (The Spanish Colonial Period), Plaza de Armas is part of the main square Downtown. In one of the corners of that square is the house of Don Bartolo being Bartolo the first owner and the only one for many years of the house.
Don Bartolo was the son of a middle class family who suddenly started to have Prestige and Money, fame came along and all the luxuries money and power can offer.
Once a year He liked to celebrate his birthday with all his friends and with his sister, His sister used to live in the same house. People said He was excentric and that the weird part of this guy is that in that celebration at one specific hour He always liked to make a toast, this toast was not for a person but for a specific date in his future He never explained further on why He always made a toast on that date.
Until that date finally came. There were the first minutes of that date and the bells of the city started to toll calling for danger, There was a big explotion over Bartolo`s House.
The Scene was horrible many people entered to Bartolo`s Room and saw Bartolo burned and sticked on the ceiling of that room and his sister aside him also dead, She died because of all the injuries made by some claws She was just ripped off and in tears.
People tried to look for the origin of the explotion and nobody saw a real factor for the explotion not even a trace of gunpowder, but what They found in one closet was a piece of paper signed in blood from Bartolo.
HIS PACT WITH THE DEVIL and that Date on the paper!!!!

This house was always abandoned part of that area became for some years the red zone, nobody wanted to live nearby because people say they still listen to some screaming and steps now it became an office from the Goverment.

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noi eravamo quello che voi siete, e quello che noi siamo voi sarete

We were what you are, and what We are now You will become.

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Thats a creepy story.