Thursday, November 03, 2005

Love for Dummies. Je ne se pa

Yesterday I watched the loveliest romantic movie ever!
Amelie is the strongest piece of script and image I have seen in a long time in terms of telling a surreal lofe story about being lonely and having the greatest heroine fighting to set all the pieces of the puzzle together and create her own harmony.

The funny part is that I really identified myself in the way She looks her reality, specially in the process to overthink everything and help others instead of herself.
I used to be the same as her doing that kind of details to some ex-girlfriends I had had, for instance to full a room in roses or baloons, or to prepare a rally with all the questions, challenges and rewards for every stop, or enormous letters, but suddenly everything stopped I realised that I set a lot of effort and not big results ( I know the personal result is what matters).
I am losing some of those incredible moments I use to create... it was really funny to see Amelie doing all that stuff to balance her world.
Reality came to my door and now is difficult to wake up that instinct to react spontaneously. I found out that by being in cold mode was more simple not to be affected.
I was thinking about what June said some time ago about getting too much down myself, and I was thinking that probably is the way I tell the story, the funny part is that I am so satisfied the way I am in terms of my personality and my way to see my world, my only problem is the way people react to my way of being. I stopped since long ago to really care in fact I do not give a shit about it, but sometimes what they do really hurts.
What I did recently was not to care and to try to open up in a more freely way, and to give myself the chance to screw things up.
About love...well I haven`t found yet a person to start acting as used to be.
My little inner-Amelie will surface someday but at this point I haven`t seen someone who can receive and give in the same recripocal way.
I have tomorrow a date and well no news from the other people around that I like.

See you!!

Have a great time!!

ps:Lisa I have only two words!!: WoowowowowWWW!!! Wooowwwwww!!!


The Old Lady said...

I haven't seen Amelie.I might check it out.When you meet the right person im sure you'll find all those old feelings return.

wondy woman said...

You are right Jesus - we could all take a leaf out of Amelie's book and pay homage to romance. It's lovely and beautiful and innocent and childlike and perfect and wonderful . . .

wondy woman said...

PS. You will find the right person, there is no doubt in my mind. Men like you only get the good things they deserve...