Monday, November 28, 2005

From the Sky white clouds fall apart.

Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Starting December 4th (next Sunday!!!!!!!!!).
My comic strip called BODOQUE will be presented in La Kodorniz.
This comic strip will be all political and It has been an accomplished goal because I always wanted to talk about my country and well this seems to be the best way.
And you will see for the first time the cartoon work I do aside my painting and my realistic classy way I use for comic work.
The Comic is in Spanish (sorry guys!!).
I am showing you the only sneak peek I will load here of the main character, why simple because it will have its own web site so you can visit and know the characters and the strips.
Later I will send the link.
About my Comic work I am working in Luchador! as everybody knows and in El Clan!
Tomorrow I will ink the Comission I have and the piece of Capitan Trueno.
More stuff to talk but later!!!!!!! :)



wondy woman said...

Well done Jesus Antonio you rock! I knew you could do it, now it is onward and upward to world domination!

Keep up the good work!

Ps. Cu-ute pictures!

AnnaRaven said...

he looks a bit like you :P

weldone, jesus!
*huge hug*

antonio said...

Wondy you make me blush***
World domination plan is getting near :)
thank you Cute gorgeous eyes.

Bonita Annita tell me about the shipping...and you are right it looks a bit like me because I am taking my Father as the reference of the Drawing..hehehe do not tell him!!


The Old Lady said...

Thats great news Jesus Antonio.Can't wait to see it.
I agree with Wondys words above you Rock
June xx

antonio said...

June thanks a lot for the words now the day of Truth will be this december 4th because the public will like it or not!!

I am very sure it will rock this work!!