Thursday, November 17, 2005

Eye for an Eye.

Yesterday I got sick there was a hard pain near the appendix, I still have the pain but I guess it is not the appendix. I have an appointement with the doctor today.
About news.
I called today the girl from my Social Service and told me that yesterday was the meeting with the social workes so I need to call today again (I told her that I was looking for her and I was also sick), she has to call my contact to start the work so I am expecting some busy days soon.she says I need to catch up with all the work.
About my Residence well I realized I have done only 30% of the data processing and tomorrow my teacher will send me more work to load and I am starting to edit the work I have during the weekend. He has to present a booklet before the month is ending but I am sure We won`t have it will December so I will take part of my vacation time to work on that.
Comic work:
I finally finished the concept idea for the Pin Up I will do for the famous Spanish Character .
I will work on a X-mas card with a nice writer.
I will work on the Comission I have over the day.
Also sending Annita the work for the Contest.
Calling today the wife of an important guy to see If there are chances to get a business using his image and getting an appointment to see her over next month.
Working on Luchador! and el Clan as usual.
Also drawing a cartoon to an spanish web.
Sent a mail to a nice Editor, well in fact to Editors.
Saturday will be used to develop the T-shirt business.

So really busy as you can see!

Kino I am reporting myself soon,sorry.
June, yes is weird and creepy that you saw recently Rosemary`s baby!!!
Nik sorry for the absence, you have read how busy I am sorry,depending on the calling to the business girl I will tell you all the situation because in the long term you and I will be working some stuff for her (If everything gets solid).

Have a great day!!


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The Old Lady said...

You do sound really busy.
Make sure you take some time out to rest
June xx