Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Those roses bleeding in sour and sweet dreams.

Yesterday I was really annoyed and I just decided to chill out and it really worked!
Today I am going to the Luchas El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr are fighting against eachother ,Yay!!!!

Comic news: I was invited to participate in a homage that will be done to a very nice and amazing spanish character, so expect some posts about the procces of work, I have the intention to paint the piece!.
I sent some mails to some people hoping to receive nice surprises.
I am waiting for Pedro L. Lopez to reach me.
I need to talk to Annita to arrange the last part of the work I need to submit to her for the contest in France.
I am working in Luchador! and El Clan.

I have the feeling that today it might really change my life!!

About the movie Rosemary`s Baby is one of the best suspense horror movies I have ever watched. The main and strong plot is not to show the baby ever.

Have a great time!!


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The Old Lady said...

Thats weird i watched rosemarys baby over the weekend.I'd forgotten how good it was .