Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My little Conspiracy IX.

Now is the time to pimp the work of a very nice friend and regio (regio people from Monterrey).
Well Raul Treviño is maybe one of those guys that will really change the spectrum of the professional work in my country I hope to be in that list soon too :), I mean there are many incredible artists in my country but for a strange reason We are so divided, I guess Ego stuff but Raul is such a nice person and I am sure that The new work He is working for Norma Editorial (In my opinion one of the best If not the best printing companies in Spain).
I have to say that I am sure He has some plans with Marvel comics so....
Keep your eyes open with the work He does.
My recommendation check his official Website for this incredible story "La danza de la Conquista".

Have a great time!!


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