Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love for Dummies. Son Chingaderas.

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Before something happens thank you June,Wondy,Annita, My lovely virtual girl Lisa for the words about my loving times.Thank you a lot!!

Firstable the translation "Son Chingaderas" is an expression that is difficult to translate but it could be like "Bullshit", or "A big load of crap".
Do you remember the mail I received today,
Some hours ago it was written by me:
You know who sent a mail today saying "I hope you are well, It is unbelievable that we are so close and I can not find you.Take care". I got kind of angry when I read it....I just can say now about the mail......Whatever! (I won`t overthink about this..not anymore

Well I decided not to answer the mail and I am considering to block her mail address so I do not receive anything more from her.
I have to say that I do not have anything bad to say to her is more the way I feel about her, I am feeling as She was toying with me all that time I spent stupidly trying to be something else in her life.(Look in the Archives to undertand in case you are a newbie).
In few words ther big void of emptiness you feel in you chakra of your plexo solar that hurts so much because of the big disappointment you feel about a person and also sad about the horrible way She handled the situation.
Well I finished classes and I had to wait for the time to pass my card so I can leave and I was talking to a student while You know who was getting out of the place, She saw me and kissed me hello, and I did the same and I shook hands to some of the students, She was thinking that I would start conversation with her and said She had an exam tomorrow, so I wished everybody (all the students around) good luck.
She kissed me goodbye and say to me "Take care...Take care" and giggled (emphasizing the Take care), I just nodded my head to her and continue the conversation with my student and She left, finally the time arrived and I just passed the checking card in the machine.
when I was leaving I saw You know who taking her bus with I guess the new pretender.
I really get angry not about her and the new boy is about the pointless fact of sending me a mail to see how I am, trying to be nice when She has already a person She can use or talk to.
Also I never meant to wait for her, I mean I am saying this because maybe in her Universe She might have thought that me after watching to her mail I decided to wait for her to see her.

About the other stuff Well I like a lot the young girl whose Father is a Bishop, funny but this girl likes to flirt with me a lot (I will hold the word "flirt" because maybe She is just nice to me..I can only say We have a great vibe), but I know I can not do anything.hahahaha She kisses me in my cheeks and I just blush!!
About last Friday.
I dated this girl that has been so nice to me so nice and I have to be honest I do not have strong feelings as I did with You know who or Caramel eyes or this new young girl, and I have been tossing the idea of giving myself the chance to treat her in a more romantic way, but I am afraid to hurt her in case I find out that I do not have a growth in my feelings.
Let`s see what happens!.

And thanks again for reading I needed to get this out of my chest not to have it on my head over and over all night!

Great day!!


So well Son Chingaderas what You know who likes to play.


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus.. i can completely understand why you feel that way towards you know who...

it is very nice to know that you are seeing other people.. i hope you find what you are looking for...


The Old Lady said...

Im proud of you Jesus Antonio not letting her mail get to you.If you can stand to i would block her email address.I know we say that we're over someone but their words can still affect us.Glad your meeting new girls .