Saturday, November 12, 2005

Facing doble images of my dark thoughts

I am about to watch this movie in some minutes so expect a review. I will also watch another Korean movie from the saga of Whispering Corridors I guess it will be the number 3 in the series.
The movie is called Face and is from South Korea.
This day was very good in some aspect, do you remember the idea of having a raffle to gather some money soon and the prize will be a painting in any technique they want me to use?. I have seen many people,friends and students being willing to help me I will have some friends to help me sell some tickets by their own, I am really amazed because funny to say but I really feel loved by people, I have to say that I was a bit ashamed of asking for help but they really behaved nicely with my idea.
Tomorrow I am calling this girl that has an idea for a business (Well is my idea but She has some strings to move so the idea speeds up really fast).
Comic work well tomorrow I am continuing in the afternoon to draw the pages of Nik and Victor!. I have some other interviews to make to some great artists from Spain, UK, USA and even some from my country, so expect news soon!.
I am traveling tomorrow to San Miguel Allende that is like an american colony because probably the 70 percent is controled by foreigners and also is a nice place if you are a painter, tomorrow I will try to ask people about selling work via an agent, I will try to focus some other work but no comic related is more about some ideas I have.
I also need to speed up some stuff that I have in hands (Well with Nik, Pedro and Victor ) in Spain.

Have a great day and see you later!


Dates: I have one next Thrusday with the girl taht has been so nice with me lately (the girl that I was talking about last week) I well that is all for now!!


The Old Lady said...

Good luck with your raffle idea.
Hope your having a great weekend
Hugs June xx

AnnaRaven said...

Hi babe!
I´m back, have lots of things to keep up with but tomorrow the latest you´ll have news from me.
Take care, sweetheart.