Saturday, November 05, 2005

Redish top in a minimalist restaurant.

Someone recommended me to watch The Red Shoes from Kim Yong-gyun and I will watch it tomorrow morning. From what people have told me this is a good movie that I would love in fact I have seen people used the word Neo-Gothic when referring to the movie.
So expect an overview from the movie.
I fell down and I had some stupid bruises in all my body,well my family is cleaning the house and I just didn`t see some trash out of my house so I just fell over it and I just bleed from my elbow, nothing to worry it was more the embarrasment involved.
Well yesterday I had the date and She was wearing a red top and well I need to write a Love for Dummies but I need a week or so because I need to clarify some things before speaking, not about my feelings is more about seeing my real options.
I was inking the work of Annita and drawing pages from Luchador! and El Clan.
Great day to you all!!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Sorry you had a fall and got all bruised up.Hope your better now
Hugs xx