Monday, November 14, 2005

The Slow Motion of Life.

3rd update!!

check this link!! It is amazing!!!! (wOW!! Nice taste on art Wondy!!)

2nd Update: I just came from my school and the dumb person that has to tramit my paper work of the Residence hasn`t done is about a month and She didn`t move anything...damn!!.
I couldn`t find the teacher to receive more info and I call the people from my Social Service so I need to wait till they report themselves to start working.
so yes I lost my entire morning!
Now I am a little annoyed, well since yesterday but at night I will talk about it.

1st Update:
I am busy today in the morning with the work from my school, and I will get more work to load and edit all the week, about me everything is just quite slow I need so many things to do and so little time to do them.
Well later I will write down a long long post.
Right here is the character done by the French Author Guido Crepax called Valentina and as you know is based on Lulu the actress from Pandorax`s box.
A beautiful piece of art.


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The Old Lady said...

Too true there is always not enough time to do everything