Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We are here to invent and create Reality.

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This is the best quote I have ever read or listened in quite a few time. "We are here to invent and create reality", it is from JZ Knight, this is the only mention I will make but If you do some search You will find who She is also in case a nice fellow can get me some books from her it would be Awesome.
Well I didn`t go this time to Las Luchas of the CMLL firstable because the Cartel was not as attractive as You might think, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo and Hector Garza are incredible figthing but Universo 2000 is a horrible wrestler, He is the only reason I didn`t want to go this time, I mean to lose my money I prefer to keep it for the next time.
About the Luchas of the AAA I went on last Friday..... well it will be aired this Sunday at 2:30 by Galavision to be honest If your case was to have a nice time that is for sure what It was accomplished but If you really went to watch nice wrestling battles I have to say that the show was not good, I mean they used fake blood and didn`t fight well because they just kept to the script this network is working on them so I honestly didn`t enjoy the show as I thought I would be.
I am catching up with mails and checking some stuff I have behind schedule.
Well see you tomorrow!
The nice Rulo Treviño already mentioned my comic strip in his blog (Gracias Rulo!!).!

Talk later!!


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The Old Lady said...

I do like that quote.
Hope your having a great day
June x