Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Talacha, just talacha.

Talacha means " work" and mostly a lot of work.
Well I took all morning to start the work I owe from my Residence I have like 20 days to give a Mamotreto (enormous book) with all the notes from the Course I will attend, I am editing the notes from 4 years of my Archtiecture teacher.
Seems that from today on I will be really busy with this aside my Social Service and stuff but I am starting to enjoy it.
I need to call the person from a business that might happen in my country (long story but when everything concretes I will talk), also to the person of my social Service to visit the places I will inspect for 6 months.
Also a great comic artist recommended me for a job (I am really greatful for the kind gesture, I need to see my timings because I am really busy with my regular life and now with my comic work with Nik,Pedro and Victor).
Also a nice and great person and cartoonist invited me to send a comicstrip proposal to a nice place, and I will do it for sure!.
I have received nice compliments about the pages You have seen below :).
I will also edit a comic book thankfully the deadline is One Year but you guys will be surprised, more news soon.

You know who sent a mail today saying "I hope you are well, It is unbelievable that we are so close and I can not find you.Take care". I got kind of angry when I read it....I just can say now about the mail......Whatever! (I won`t overthink about this..not anymore.).
About love I guess I need to make some decisions soon and I will post them as soon as my timings allow that.
I am tomorrow checking my finances to see If I can buy the tickets to see Babasonicos..yayayay!!!.
I have my tickets for the next Lucha and Blue Demon Jr and Hijo del Santo are coming!! yay!!

Great day!!


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